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Q: How long will my protective style last?

A: With proper maintenance, such as wrapping hair nightly with a silk or satin scarf, oiling scalp weekly- a style should last 4-8 weeks. Protective styles should not exceed 3 months. 


Q: How often should I come in for maintenance?

A: For starter locs, every 3 weeks. For mature locs, every 4-6 weeks. 


Q: How can I care for my locs between salon visits?

A: Apply Baje Studio’s Strengthen Your Roots Hair Oil to your scalp once a week to maintain moisture. If you need to clean your scalp, use a light astringent such as SeaBreeze or witch hazel in a spray bottle saturate scalp then wipe with a wash cloth repeat 2-3 times. Follow up with Baje Studio’s Strengthen Your Roots Hair Oil.


Q: Can I workout with locs?

A: Yes! Use a cotton scarf to absorb sweat, follow-up with Baje Studio’s Strengthen Your Roots Hair Moisturizer.


Q: I have dandruff and or dermatitis, can I loc my hair?

A: All hair can be loc-d however, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist prior to starting your journey. 


Q: Are my edges safe with a protective style?

A: Yes with proper care! Avoid styles that are consistently pulling or use tension. 

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